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Welcome to Irish Bobbles!

Established in 2011 by Mark Carey, Michael O'Dwyer and Conor O'Mahony,, Irish Bobbles was founded to create a high quality brand of bobble head figurines that promote Irish Culture, History and Sport. This is the first time a product like this has ever been created. Each bobble is crafted from durable poly resin, hand painted and includes a deluxe full colour display box.



Mark Carey


An ancient sport of Gaelic origin predating Christianity, Hurling was brought to Ireland by the Celts. It has been a distinct Irish pastime for over 2000 years. In 1884 the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) organised the game around a common set of rules which greatly increased the numbers playing the sport. The GAA also founded the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in 1887 and the National Hurling League in 1925.

Played using a Hurley, which is a wooden stick handcrafted from Ash and a Sliotar, a hard ball filled with cork and raised stitching. Hurling is played on a large field approximately 137 - 145 m long and 80 - 90 m wide with a goal on either end. With 15 players on a team the object of the game is to score points and goals. Goals being scored in the net and points scored by hitting the sliotar over the cross bar of the goal.

Gaelic Football

Before 1887 many varieties of football were being played in Ireland, these variations were collectively known as Caid. When standard rules were introduced, Gaelic Football was created. The GAA founded the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in 1887 and the National Football League in 1925.

Played using a round leather football, the ball can be kicked or hand passed. Players are not allowed to run continuously with the ball without soloing. Soloing involves dropping the ball onto your foot and kicking the ball back into your own hands while running. The scoring system is the same as Hurling and it is played on the same pitch with 15 players aside. Both Hurling and Football Senior County matches last 70 minutes divided into two halves.